Anissa Tam, Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Herbalist (R.TCM.H), Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (R.TCM.P) and Certified Reflexologist


Our Clinic was established in 2004, and as a Registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (R.TCM.P), I bring over 12 years of healing experience to my Vancouver and Richmond practices. I am also a licensed Acupuncturist (R.Ac), Herbalist (R.TCM.H), Certified Reflexologist and Master in acupuncture and Herb at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China offering patients a full spectrum of treatments to alleviate chronic conditions and maintain wellness. At Anissa Health Care Services, I offer treatments ranging from pain relief to weight loss and treat patients 5-years-old and older.

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We accept extended medical plans. MSP low-income patients (family annual net income is below $30,000) are entitled to a maximum of 10 free acupuncture sessions per year.

We offer a special package price at $300 for 10 sessions (prices subject to change) including weight loss management.

We also offer weight management and weight loss programs at $300 for 10 treatments.


  • 頸、肩、腕、臂、腰、背、腿、膝、踝疼痛,纖維肌痛症、筋腱炎症
  • 網球肘、跌打損傷、工作或運動受傷、交通意外扭挫傷。
  • 手足麻痹、中風後遺症、面癱、關節炎、坐骨神經痛、腰椎間盤突出、痛風、骨刺、骨質疏鬆症、退化等等。
  • 頭痛、偏頭痛、頭暈、失眠、花粉過敏、過敏性鼻炎、皮膚瘙癢、哮喘、耳聾、耳鳴。
  • 憂鬱症、精神緊張、疲勞、高血壓、各種疑難雜症等等。
  • 經前症候群、月經失調、痛經、更年期綜合症。
  • •胃痛、消化不良、便秘、泄瀉、青春痘、黑斑、濕疹。
  • •減肥、豐胸。

接受MSP、WCB、ICBC 及私人/公司額外醫療保險



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Our commitment is seeing that our patients get appropriate remedies for their health problems.

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We offer acupuncture, reflexology, and herbalist services to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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