Relief from Pain

Try traditional Chinese medicine techniques to ease your pain.

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Relief from Pain

Try traditional Chinese medicine techniques to ease your pain.

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Relief from Pain

Try traditional Chinese medicine techniques to ease your pain.

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Registered Acupuncturists and Herbalists in Richmond

Are you suffering from pain and letting it take over your life? Have you tried losing weight and ended up being unsuccessful? At Anissa Health Care Services Inc., we help you get over your pain and health concerns with Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are a team of registered and licensed acupuncturists in Richmond at your service. From problems that include chronic pain or discomfort in the respiratory, cardiovascular systems or more, we can help you get your health in better shape. We offer services such as acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbal therapy, reflexology, cupping therapy and moxibustion. For appointments, contact us now through phone or email.

Our Commitment

Our clinic, established in 2004, has been striving to help you achieve relief from chronic conditions and maintain wellness. Our commitment is seeing that our patients get appropriate remedies for their health problems. Whether you are suffering from knee pain due to age or an accident, we can help in relieving your pain through traditional Chinese medicine techniques. We cater to any kind of ailments for patients of the age of 5 and above. You can rely on our services whether you want to soothe your pain or lose weight.


Our clinic provides 12 free acupuncture treatments for ICBC cases, within 12 weeks from the date of the accident.


MSP low-income patients (family annual net income is below $30,000) are entitled to have allowance for a maximum of 10 acupuncture treatments per year.

Extended Medical Plan

We accept extended medical plans. We accept extended medical benefit through different insurance companies.


WCB to be pre-approved on an individual case-by-case basis! Please contact us for more details.

Name of Patient: E L
Age: 26
Conditions: Right side rib sprain and pain after doing vacuum cleaning.
Treatment result: After 6 acupuncture treatments, pain is now gone.

Name of Patient SJX C

Age: 32
Conditions: Left shoulder muscle in pain and swollen after waking up in the morning. She could not make shoulder check posture when driving.
Treatment result: After 5 acupuncture treatments, these symptoms are gone.

Name of Patient: TV L

Age: 55
Conditions: Happened one and half month ago, after heavy lifting, his back being twisted. L5-S1 right side pain and extended to right calf and right ankle with right toes weak.
Treatment result: After 6 acupuncture treatments, 80% symptoms are gone.

Name of Patient: CN T

Age: 66
Conditions: For 3 months, left toes not functioning properly, left foot superior side pain, lower back L5 left lateral side pain.
Treatment result: After 18 acupuncture treatments, left toes resumed functioning well. Lower back pain gone, left foot superior side only has a little pain.

Name of Patient: C K

Age: 12
Conditions: Sports injury (basketball), and left knee pain and malfunction when walking.
Treatment result: After 1 acupuncture treatment, she resumed walking normally with no pain.

Name of Patient: E Z

Age: 42
Conditions: Weight loss
Treatment result: After 10 acupuncture treatments in one month, she has lost 10 lbs body weight.

Name of Patient: M B

Age: 31
Conditions: She was diagnosed with psoriasis 5 years ago. Her skin itchy, skin peeling and thick red patches looking like rash widespread all over her body mostly on scalp, abdominal area, back and legs.
Treatment result: After 10 acupuncture treatments, she had a 50% improvement rate i.e. red patches got lighter. Thickness of patches got thinner. Her skin surface could be seen among some patches. Now, she is undergoing another 10 treatments in our clinic. Meanwhile, she has referred her friend to our clinic with same problem.

Name of Patient: EM

Age: 69
Conditions: High blood pressure since December, 2014.
Treatment result: After 4 acupuncture treatments, her blood pressure has been come down from 156/75 to normal range. Now, she keeps doing acupuncture to manage her body weight.

Name of Patient: VT C

Age: 49
Conditions: After he had two brain surgeries in 2011 and 2014, he experienced jaw grinding; also, he always bit his tongue and caused a lump build up on the central area of the surface of his tongue.
Treatment result: After 10 acupuncture treatments, lump on tongue surface shrunk by 90% and jaw grinding symptoms gone.

Name of Patient: WJ N

Age: 66
Conditions: His skin rash and infection were serious around neck and shoulder area. Also he has post-stroke syndrome i.e. left side body (arm and leg) weak and not walking properly. Stroke happened in 2004.
Treatment result: After 10 acupuncture treatments, his skin and infection healed. Every year he keeps coming to our clinic for acupuncture to enhance the functioning of his left arm and left leg.

Name of Patient: C W

Age: 68
Conditions: Dizzy, hand numbness for 2 months and depression for 4 months.
Treatment result: After 20 acupuncture treatments, her dizziness is gone and hand numbness is gone too. Since then, she has had mood improvements and is now interested in playing the Chinese musical instrument “er hu”.

Name of Patient: XY L

Age: 73
Conditions: Chronic insomnia, 1 year of dizziness, neck and shoulder pain, right shoulder joint pain, cough with lots of phlegm.
Treatment result: After 16 acupuncture treatments, right shoulder pain much better, dizziness just happens once in a while. Cough gone.

Name of Patient: XQ Z

Age: 85
Conditions: March 2016, both side from knees, calves to ankles cramp, weakness and pain for more than 5 years comes and goes!
Treatment result: After 10 acupuncture treatments, symptoms are 80% gone. Now, she carries on acupuncture treatments also on her lower back pain.

Name of patient: T V N

Age: 70
Conditions: Headache (back side) and dizzy for one month.
Treatment result: After 12 acupuncture treatments, he had no headaches or dizziness.

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